Achievements Currently Disabled

Michael Pelletier on Sun May 23 2021.

Hi all,

We wanted to give a quick update because we know a few people have been having trouble unlocking achievements over the last couple of months. Unfortunately, there appears to be some kind of problem with the library that we’re using where it sometimes(?) can’t seem to load the proper files.

We're incredibly sorry that this has occurred. We know it's not acceptable, especially when half of those achievements are locked behind a paywall; we're meant to deliver the service we say we are, but right now we can't. That's just not okay, and we're going to try and make it up to our readers as soon as we can.

Our plan is to hopefully work with the creators of the library to get this sorted out, but in the meantime, to keep the potential break from negatively affecting other functionality, we’ve disabled achievements within the app. In the interest of transparency, we’ll also be posting this message on the discussion forums, and adding a disclaimer to the store page.

We will keep you updated as we continue to try and get this sorted out, and thank you for your patience.

In better news, we're not letting this set-back stop us. As much as we wanted to have this resolved before release, we don't think delaying Chapter 7 is the right solution, so we're going to be going ahead with it. How soon? Chapter 7, The Dark Between the Stars, will be released both on the app and as a PDF tomorrow! If you haven't wishlisted it already, you can do so right here. Please do let us know what you think of it.

Mike and Ross